Make Changes That Last a Lifetime…

Make Changes That Last a Lifetime: Not Just the Project!

Christmas has just passed and we’ve all received gifts and presents from our loved ones. These have been either:

  • Mass-produced items (cell phones, toys, etc.) which provide fun and interest for everyone for a limited amount of time, or
  • A more personalised gift, which will provide sustained enjoyment and use for much longer.


What does this have to do with testing services?

Most of the time companies want innovation and enhancements to their testing services, to address a specific issue or a specific project, to help get that project over the line and delivered into production. It’s fine to address the projects issue, however once the project has finished that is usually where the innovation finishes as well. In other words, it’s immediate fix and fun but with only a short life span.

To prevent this from happening, we, at Enhance, do the following:
  • STEP 1 – Address the immediate projects issues and provide solutions to ensure delivery of the project on time, on budget and to the expected quality levels.
  • STEP 2 – In parallel with addressing the project issue(s), we look at the company’s culture, goals and direction. We look to answer the some of the following questions:
    • Does the solution fit with the company’s long-term direction?
    • Is the solution reusable?
    • What training do we need to provide to the company’s team to ensure change will continue in the future?
  • STEP 3 – Present our long-term vision back to the customer and provide a pathway to delivering a more tailored and personal change rather than just an off-the-shelf solution at a cut down price.

By taking this approach, we believe the changes made to the customer’s testing practice will be sustainable and reusable. It will address their core issues, as well as continuing to deliver projects in a timely manner, rather than providing a mass-produced ‘sticking plaster’ solution to get a project delivered but without actually addressing the underlying situation.

If you, therefore, want a more personalised gift this year and the next, a gift which will provide greater reusability and value to your company, as well as something more fun and enjoyable for your colleagues, then you need to be talking to Enhance to see what we can do for you.

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